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Who Should Attend

Two-day swivet Zone Educator workshops will be held at locations throughout the world.  Educators work in teams to review swivet episodes and help to determine how the swivet web series should be used in classrooms and informal education settings.  The swivet Zone Educator Workshop participants also attend the swivet Zone Red Carpet Launch event.

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Who Should Attend?

The two-day Educator Workshop benefits anyone involved in STEM education, including:

  • STEM teachers
  • Program administrators
  • Tutors, coaches
  • Coordinators
  • Home or after school educators
  • Special education teachers

Why Should I attend?

Workshop participants will review the swivet season 1 episodes and will carry out the following objectives:

  • Determine creative ways to implement swivet in classrooms and informal education settings.
  • Create tools and an outreach plan for networking with STEM educators. 
  • Develop a swivet Smart Kit and other supplemental materials that teach middle school high school students the core STEM content standards.
  • Identify STEM content that will be aggregated on the interactive website.

The swivet Zone educator workshop participants will also attend the swivet Zone Red Carpet Launch event for the release of swivet season one!


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