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Educator Application

Two-day swivet Zone Educator workshops will be held at locations throughout the world.  Educators work in teams to review swivet episodes and help to determine how the swivet web series should be used in classrooms and informal education settings.  The swivet Zone Educator Workshop participants also attend the swivet Zone Red Carpet Launch event.

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Calendar at a Glance

The two-day Educator Workshop benefits anyone involved in STEM education, including:

  • STEM teachers
  • Program administrators
  • Tutors, coaches
  • Coordinators
  • Home or after school educators
  • Special education teachers

Selection of participants is based on applicant's professional qualifications and ability to implement and disseminate swivet Zone content.  If you’d like to participate simply send an email with answers to the following questions to:  you may also contact Devynne Scilingo, STEM Education Associate at the International Center for Professional Development by email at


Applicant Information
Person email
Work email
Home street address
Street address
Zip code

School or organization name
School or organization grade levels
Zip code

Professional Qualificiations
Current job title
Years of teaching experience
Years of STEM Interactions
Number of students you interact with as part of your primary profession
Grade level of students you interact with:    k-5     6-8    9-12
Academic degree(s) and major(s)
Additional STEM training

Describe your interest in attending the swivet Zone Educator Workshop
Describe creative ways that you have implemented STEM in any setting
Are you willing to work with others and develop swivet Zone content during the workshop:    yes |  no
Are you will to share STEM content in your community and at work:    yes |  no
Are you able to bring a laptop with wireless capabilities to the workshop:    yes |  no


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