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Why become a swivet Zone Affiliate Member?
The swivet Zone Affiliate program enables a network of non-profit and educational organizations to learn from each other and advance STEM education by affiliating with swivet.  Listed below are some of the benefits of Affiliate membership.

  • Highlight swivet Zone Affiliate content on your website and link to
  • Logo recognition on printed materials and on with hyperlink
  • Complementary invitations to attend swivet Zone Red Carpet events
  • Participate on the swivet Outreach & Engagement committee
  • Contribute expertise and experience
  • Free use of the swivet Zone Smart Kit
  • Free subscription to swivet Zone e-newsletter
  • Free swivet Zone promotional materials for conferences
  • Conference co-marketing opportunities
  • Collaborate with other swivet Zone Affiliate members and sponsors
  • Year-round networking opportunities online, by email and at swivet Zone events

Help us make a real impact on STEM education! 

What are swivet Zone Affiliate Member Dues?
Membership is for one year and dues are based on the total number of employees within your organization.

# of Employees Dues
Individual $500
1-24 employees $500
25-99 employees $1,500
100+ employees $2,500

Join us!  Download the form and become a swivet Zone Affiliate Member.

Need more information? 
Contact Elisabeth Freeman at or Scott May at
.  You can also reach us by phone at 951 599-4956.


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