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Advisory Council

  • Attend all Advisory Council meetings and special events
  • Be knowledgeable about swivet Zone and support the growth of the initiative
  • Review agendas and supporting materials prior to Advisory Council meetings
  • Serve on special committees or task forces
  • Engage institutions and establish external partnerships
  • Raise awareness of swivet Zone and promote the initiative
  • Foster education in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)
  • Invite special guests to attend swivet Zone events
  • Review and making recommendations on swivet Zone program planning, marketing materials, messaging and campaign extensions

Who serves on the swivet  Advisory Council?

  • A designated chairperson
  • Key STEM leaders and stakeholders representing collaborating companies, school districts, colleges and universities, informal education providers, technical schools, workforce and career development organizations, professional societies, trade associations, trade schools,
    non-profit organizations and government agencies
  • Staff from the International Center for Professional Development

Who are the current swivet  Advisory Council members?

Zoltan Csimma (Chairman)

Randy Atkins, Director of Communications / Media, National Academy of Engineering
Leisha Barcus, Vice President of Community Engagement, Science Center of Iowa

Ray Briscuso, President, AdvaMed: The MedTech Conference
Jim Burns, Head of R&D Hub, Sanofi Boston
Lauren Celano, Chief Executive Officer, Propel Careers
Charles Craig, Development committee Chair
Sarah Derry, South Central STEM Region Manager, Drake University, Iowa

Yolanda George, Ph.D., Deputy Director and Program Director of Education Programs, AAAS
Elaine Johnson, Ph.D., Director, Bio-Link
Johanne Kaplan, Ph.D., Vice President Neuroimmunology Research, Genzyme
Victor McCray, MD, Chief Executive Officer, Ocular Dynamics, LLC
Angus McQuilken, Vice President for Communications, Massachusetts Life Sciences Center
Karen Miller, Trade Commissioner, Life Sciences & Investment, Canadian Embassy
Katherine Rojahn, Innovation Strategy, Baxter
Kari Sherrodd, PR Lead, Microsoft YouthSpark
Isa Zimmerman, Ed.D., Principal, IKZ Advisors

ICPD Staff:
Elisabeth Freeman, President, ICPD

Scott May, Executive Director, ICPD
Devynne Scilingo, STEM Education Associate, ICPD


Advisory Council Documents

Agendas Summaries Attachments
May 6, 2015- Agenda    
Sept 12, 2013- Agenda   Red Carpet Agenda | Educator Workshop | Invitation
Apr 15, 2013- Agenda    
Apr 1, 2013- Agenda    
Mar 18, 2013- Agenda Mar 18, 2013- Meeting Summary  
Mar 6, 2013- Agenda Mar 6, 2013- Meeting Summary  
Want to get involved? 
Contact Elisabeth Freeman at or Scott May at


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